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Piida Diida

About me
My name is Jasper D. Barnes. I am the founder, CEO and Chief Designer of Piida Diida Clothing Company. I design luxurious, trendy and classy styles for chic young women. I attended Miami International University of Art and Design where I majored in Fashion Design, attended Micro Business School in Miami Fl.
Where is home?
Miami, Florida

Why did you become a designer?
As a kid, I always walked around with my drawing pad, because drawing was my hobby, then I decided to go into the military and got stationed in Japan and a lot of my friends said If you want some nice clothes made this place to be and I started designing my own personal suits and when every body seen my style they was blown away, a certain lady love my style so much she wanted to open up a boutique and show my garments, I told her I was just doing this as hobby and she told me I should do this as a career. I took up on her suggestion, and entered The International Fine Arts College and Majored in Fashion Design.

How did you learn design?
Well, I always knew how to design but I did not know construction of designing and never designed womens apparel before. When I went to school they taught us how to design womens apparel and I have been designing it ever since.

What do you consider is your style?
I consider my style to be in your face type fashion. I love that boldness that I bring to my style. I love to make women look strong but with soft sensual undertones.

What item have you done that you are really proud of and why?
Well, I really love my Kimono Hoodie Short Jumper.

What styles did you wear as a teenager?
Well, as a teenager I usually dressed like everyone else but when I got older that is when I started to develop my own style of dressing, with vibrant colors. People used to think I was from Europe.

What is your best fashion advice?
Wear garments that fit your characteristics and keep it real with yourself because your garments you wear will keep it real with you.
Piida Diida
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1011 Buenos Ave #A
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